BFR Starter set (2 SRT cuffs, 1 pump, Case)

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The Sports Rehab Tourniquet is the perfect tool for your Blood Flow Restriction training.

Suitable for both upper and lower body training, each set comes with two cuffs, a detachable pump and the EVA protective case.

Select your size according to your limb circumference and body area:

A. Upper body (cuff width = 6.5cm)
  • Arm - red trim = 40cm or less  
B. Lower body (cuff width = 10cm)
  • Medium - white trim = 74cm or less (most popular)
  • Long - blue trim = 84cm or less 
  • Extra Long - green trim = 104cm or less (Note: these are long - please re-check your girth before ordering)
Where to measure for your cuff sizing:
  • Upper body - mid bicep
  • Lower body - top third of quadricep
  • All Starter sets (cuff and pump) come in a EVA case to protect your SportsRehabTourniquet. 
  • Order extra cuffs separately for a complete total body training system.

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