BFR spare cuff set (2 SRT cuffs - NO PUMP)

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Order extra cuffs to provide a total body training system.

If you already own a Starter set, you can add additional cuffs to train alternative body parts or get multiple athletes training BFR at the same time. 

Select your cuff size according to your limb circumference:

A. Upper body (measure mid-bicep circumference)
  • Small - red trim = 43cm or less
B. Lower body (measure top third of thigh circumference)
  • Medium - white trim = 74cm or less (Most popular)
  • Long - blue trim = 84cm or less
  • Extra Long - green trim = 104cm or less. (Note - these are long. Please recheck girth to confirm)

All cuffs are interchangeable with the pump.


  • No Pump nor EVA Protective case comes with this spare cuff set
  • You will need to initially order the Starter set (2 cuffs & pump) prior to purchasing the spare cuff set.